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✅Review【Swissquote】broker is scam or safe? Fee、App、pros、cons

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At the same time, it has a personal bank and a trading platform broker and can trade on more than 60 countries and regions exchanges. It provides foreign investors who can handle bank accounts online. Using this bank can also obtain Swiss supervision to ensure the safety of funds, which is different from other transactions. Platform brokers provide real stocks and CFD at the same time. When you need to become a shareholder of a company, you can buy real stocks. When you encounter unexpected situations that may occur in the future, you can buy assets quickly and cheaply and hedge against them. risk.
Trading Conditions
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Trading fee
Deposits and Withdrawal
Customer Service
User friendly
  • Provide bank card
  • Real stock
  • CFD stock
  • ETF trading
  • Option
  • Multi-currency bank account
  • Trusted government regulation
  • Higher spreads
  • Low leverage
  • Account opening procedures cumbersome
swissquote Swissquote Bank Introduction
swissquote Swissquote Bank Introduction

what’s Swissquote Bank

Swissquote Swissquote Bank, also known as Swissquote Group Holding SA, is a Swiss bank group specializing in online financial and trading services. The group’s shares have been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange since May 29, 2000. The stock code is SQN. The group’s headquarters are located in Grande, Switzerland, the company also has offices in Zurich, Bern, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malta, Singapore and Luxembourg and has 722 employees.

Swissquote Swissquote Bank headquarters address: Chemin de la Crétaux 33, 1196 Gland, Switzerland

Swissquote bank Awards Safe or a scam?

We have checked that Swissquote bank is subject to national/regional and government regulations, so it is also suitable for safe transactions and negative balance protection. Therefore, if your loss exceeds your deposit, your loss of funds will not exceed your own capital, if In the event of certain uncontrollable market risks, you will not need to pay additional losses in excess of the principal

Swissquote Bank Ltd. holds a banking license issued by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and accepts the supervision of this institution. Swissquote Bank is also a member of the Swiss Bankers Association. Choosing Swissquote means choosing to do transactions with a Swiss bank. Say goodbye to financial security concerns. Enjoy Swiss-level security protection, and at the same time purchase insurance protection of up to 100,000 Swiss francs for each customer.

FCA(UK):Company Registration Number:562170
MFSA(Malta):Company Registration Number:C57936
FINMA(Switzerland):Company Registration Number:Swissquote Group Holding
DFSA (UAE):Company Registration Number:F001438

Why should you use Swissquote bank?

This is a bank established in Switzerland. Opening an account here will give you the following advantages

Personal Swiss bank account

You will get a private Swiss bank account, and you will get a bank card at the same time and this bank card supports up to 12 currencies
CHF-Swiss/USD-U.S. Dollar/EUR-Euro/JPY-Japanese Yen/ GBP-Pound Sterling/AUD-Australian Dollar/CAD-Canadian Dollar/SEK-Swedish Krona/ HKD-Hong Kong Dollar/NOK-Swedish Krona/DKK-Danish Krona/AED- UAE Dirhams, then you can withdraw your cash at ATMs anywhere in the world or make purchases through bank cards.

Forex Trading

You can hedge the risk of currency rise and fall through leveraged trading, and use the most popular MT4 MT5 for trading. You don’t have to log in to the bank directly and Swissquote provides the safest supervision. Your account is completely independent of Swissquote Bank and is subject to all The world’s most stringent and safe Swiss financial system guarantees.

Real stock trading

Different from other foreign exchange stock brokers, it provides the most complete real stock trading through Swissquote Bank. Such stocks will be fully registered under your personal name, and you can attend the shareholders meeting or get the rights and voting rights of shareholders. .

CFD stock trading

Corresponding to real stocks, it is called CFD stocks. Since real stocks require a single high transaction fee, this is a heavy burden for investors with small capital. CFD provides convenience for investors to spend 50 US dollars. Buying 3,000 US dollars of Amazon and other stocks without any additional handling fees and a small price difference can be an option. The disadvantage is that it cannot be registered as a qualified company shareholder.



  • x30 for major currency pairs
  • x10 for commodities
  • x10 CFD stock & ETF trading
  • x2 for Crypto currencies

Trading fees

Standard accountPremium accountPrime account
Spreadfrom 1.8from 1.5from 1.2
fee$0 in all foreign exchange trading
$2 trade on all indices
0.15% in stock CFD trading
$0 in all foreign exchange trading
$0 trade on all indices
0.12% CFD trading on stocks
$5 trade on all indices
$2 trade on all indices
0.09% CFD trading on stocks
Deposits Fee0$0$0$
The minimum deposit amount100010,00050,000

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Minimum deposit :1000 $ fee are 0 %

The main deposit options are Visa and Master Card.

Supported access Deposit and withdrawal method

Deposit and withdrawal methodSupported currencyfee
MastercardMastercardUSD, EUR0%
Visa-CardVisaUSD, EUR0%
Swift codeBank transferUSD, EUR0%
(*Based on bank charges)

withdrawal are spend 2~8 days by wire transfer
withdrawal are spend 3~5 days by Credit card depend bank working days

Trading platform

Swissquote Bank Trading Interface UI
Swissquote Bank Trading Interface UI
Swissquote Bank Trading Interface UI
Swissquote Bank Trading Interface UI
Swissquote Bank Trading Interface etrading
Swissquote Bank Trading Interface Trading

Swissquote Advanced Trader

Advanced Trader is a trading platform developed by Swissquote, which can trade more than 3 million options, stocks, ETFs, futures, credit exchanges, CFDs, foreign exchange, raw materials, virtual currencies, bonds, crude oil, and more than 60 countries Regional stock exchanges have a bright and easy-to-understand interface, making it easy to invest in global markets through one stop.


Provide a trading platform for foreign exchange trading enthusiasts.


MT5 provides traders with a better trading interface and can invest in CFD stocks and other ETF CFDs.

swissquote Swis Bank ETF trading list
swissquote Swis Bank ETF trading list

Customer Service

The following customer service methods are provided, and you can obtain customer service support through the following services:

  • Email
  • Phone 1 by 1 service
  • Web Live Chat

Support language:

  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Čeština
  • العربية
  • 简体中文
  • 繁體中文


Swissquote online PDF e-book teaching] and related free online investment teaching, these are all provided to customers for free regardless of whether your deposit amount meets the standard. You can always learn and trade online. These e-books are usually paid content on some platforms. You can Save unnecessary tuition fees directly on the website.

Swissquote Trading and Investment Education eBook
Swissquote Trading and Investment Education eBook
Swissquote Bank Education Center
Swissquote Bank Education Center

Research Conclusion


For high-end customers, the minimum deposit must reach 10,000 US dollars. Use AI artificial intelligence to choose the investment target to avoid emotional transactions. Robo-Advisory as a trading signal provides investors with a way to invest in the stock market through fund-like investment, without having to Invest time in researching the market. However, this feature is not free. However, this feature requires a management fee of about 1% a year.


It is not easy to identify the trend pattern of any market, especially for the volatile foreign exchange and stock markets. Analysts and investors always have headaches when studying transactions. Autochartist provides automatic analysis of market trend pressure and support to help investors trade. This is Autochartist, a special software program widely used in foreign exchange transactions.

MetaTrader Master Edition

MetaTrader Master Edition combines the operational technical line graph analysis of almost all financial instruments to help investors optimize their trading strategies.
With a balanced feature set of detailed, active analysis, educational guidance and customizable options, MetaTrader Master Edition enables investors of different investment levels to control their investment risks.

MetaTrader Master Edition indicators provide a series of unbiased intraday trading ideas detected by technical analysis pattern recognition. Tailor ideas for your personal preferred currency pair, using our automated and personalized settings to maintain time frames and technical analysis methods.

Trading Central

By combining Autochartist to automatically display pressure and support points on MT4 and MT5, transaction fluency is achieved.


Swissquote Bank provides foreign investors who can apply for bank accounts online. Using this bank can also obtain Swiss supervision to ensure the safety of funds. Unlike other trading platform brokers, they also provide real stocks and CFDs. When you need to become a company You can buy real stocks when you are the shareholders of the company. When you encounter unexpected situations that may occur in the future, you can buy assets quickly and cheaply through CFD and hedge risks.

Swissquote Bank also provides exclusive bank cards. Unlike other trading brokers, you will get a bank card and withdraw and spend at any ATM in the world without having to withdraw your capital. 12 currencies Transactional multi-currency cards do not require foreign transaction fees and enjoy a 1% bonus on consumption at the same time.


Swissquote bank WIKI

MT4 & MT5 trading platform

Specification: ✅Review【Swissquote】broker is scam or safe? Fee、App、pros、cons

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✅Review【Swissquote】broker is scam or safe? Fee、App、pros、cons
✅Review【Swissquote】broker is scam or safe? Fee、App、pros、cons
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